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"Fiddle tunes infiltrated by foreign agents"

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This KGB is not a spy organization, but a band from Seattle that plays for New England style contradance, English Country Dance (as MI-5), Mostly Waltz and other social dance events, concerts, and private functions such as wedding receptions. We write a lot of our own music, and the rest comes from all over the world: the British Isles, French Canada, the Northeastern USA, Western and Eastern Europe, South America, the rest of the USA, and places we haven't yet identified.

Our waltz, Call It a Night, is featured on Radio Paradise; another waltz, The Clock Stopped, is used by Richard Powers to teach cross-step waltz.

We are:

Julie  King     - piano
Claude Ginsburg - violin, concertina, viola
Dave   Bartley  - mandolin, guitar, cittern, etc.

On this website you will find news and upcoming dances and concerts, information about recordings we have released as well as a book of original tunes written by members of the band, find out who we are, collectively and individually, read about where we have played and the nice things people have written about us. Finally, you can also follow some useful links to webpages about contradancing, folk music, and what have you.

What's New

October 2, 2018
Our schedule and event history are updated.
November 16, 2013
We have released a new live recording, Red and All Red, captured at the 2009 Seattle English Ball by Gerard Hranek, and also featuring cellist Fred Nussbaum. Nineteen full dances worth of music at more than 113 minutes total, available for download only from CD Baby, and coming soon to iTunes and other music sources near you, as long as you're near the Internet.
September 15, 2011
Added a stage plot for sound technicians (thanks to Nick Cuccia for preparing it!). For now, this is the only link to it on the site.
August 10, 2011
See our four-cheek treatment of Jack's Maggot from the 2009 Seattle English Ball on YouTube here.
January 7, 2011
The Red Light of Evening is now on Pandora Radio's Music Genome Project (you'll find us there as "KGB (International)").
October 22, 2009
Another review of the Red Light of Evening, at Green Man Review; see all the reviews we know about here.
September 30, 2009
KGB's on YouTube, playing at an outdoor waltz event in downtown Seattle: (thanks to Bruce Walcott for the video and upload).
September 2, 2009
KGB's Facebook page can be reached at (become a fan!). We also have a MySpace page (updated less often) at