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The KGB Tune Dossier, Volume Two

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Book cover

We published our second book of 120 more original tunes, some of which are recorded on In from the Cold and others on The Red Light of Evening, in 2005.

You may order the book by mail; see our recordings and books page for details.

Table of Contents

(I) Recorded on In from the Cold
(R) Recorded on The Red Light of Evening


Couple Dances and "Other"


Altitude Adjustment
Brand Finale
Busy B
The Counterbalance
Fiori de Sicilia
Forever Damp
Gado Gado
The Houseboat
How the Fruit Flies
Impaired Sight Distance
In from the Cold
Jordan Lodge
Julie's Other Jig
The Kitchen Slink
Mary's Jig
Melting Down the Hall
Point Adolphus
Sally's Jig
62 Switchbacks
Tripping Over Chairs
Use Right Shoulder to Install Chains The Vertical Prairie
The Web


Creamer's Field
Crossing the AT
The Pejorative
Pulaski McLeod
Three Day Weekends

Reels and Hornpipes

The Balance and Swing of Power
Bear in the Cannister
The Boulevard of Broken Strings
Cabin John Fever
Cady Ridge
The Cirquemnavigation
The Classic Fiddler
Crossing the Columbia
The Dancers of Teeth
Denali Denial
Denali Revealed
Deregulation Reel
Devil in the Details
Father Time's
Flashlight Swing
Frozen Entendres
Heuboden Farm
Hey for Fords
Hommage a Jeremiah
Jim's Hornpipe
John's Reel
Kathy's Reel
Kingston Garden
Long Commute
The Mighty Rhubarb
Mole's Eye
"The More Insanity, The Better"
Mud in the Ruts
Noble Knob
"Oh, Nothing"
Ompompanoosuc Hornpipe
On The Katwalk
The Piper's Creek Watershed
Quicksilver Lining
Raven Rant
Redwood Reel
Reel de Palindrome
Return (Again) to Turnagain
The Ring of Kohala
Sand in the Teacup
The Seattle Fault
Spiral Walk
Stanley Crossing the Zambezi
Take 'Em Out Swinging
"Thanks, Seth"
Trip to Destination
The 20th of December
2001 Strings
Vashon Ferry
Verbal Potatoes
The Winds of Change

Slip Jigs

Do Be a Do-Bee Will Do
No Other Jig Will Do
Yukking it Up



Frozen Beach Hambo


Above the Clouds
Ann Jesperson
Birdsong Spring
The Broken Chair
Brown Eyes
English Week
A Field of Shooting Stars
Flowing to the Sea
L & M Waltz
Owen Warren
Rain On the Window
Richard's Waltz
Robin & Steve's Wedding
Snowshoe Waltz
Sultan River Waltz
Sunny Day
Trail's End
Tying the Bows
Waiting for Green
Wilderness Waltz


In Loving Memory (air)
Jolt Vodka (schottische)
Shifting Contents (5-step waltz?)

The Inevitable List of Errata

  • The first printing put the two pages of The Ring of Kohala back-to-back.