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In from the Cold

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  1. Aggressive Driver Imaging / The More Insanity the Better / Zahtar (all by Dave Bartley)
  2. Owen Warren (Julie King)
  3. The Ring of Kohala (Dave Bartley)
  4. Stanley Crossing the Zambesi (Dave Bartley)
  5. Cerinthe (Dave Bartley)
  6. Mary's Jig (Dave Bartley)
  7. Hambo från Bönsor (Claude Ginsburg)
  8. Wasabi / March of Ides / Broken Concrete / The Wetland (all by Dave Bartley)
  9. The Haunted / Above the Clouds (all by Dave Bartley)
  10. The Excellent Initial Structure / The Boulevard of Broken Strings / Oh, Nothing / The Scales of the Balconies (all by Dave Bartley)
  11. Rain on the Window (Dave Bartley) / Refrain Reel (Dave Bartley) / Chorus Jig / Middle 8 Reel (Dave Bartley)
  12. The Banshee's Wail Over the Mangel Pit / Cottonwood (Dave Bartley) / In from the Cold (Dave Bartley) / The Seattle Fault (Dave Bartley)

  In from the Cold is KGB's third recording, expanding their musical horizons from a basis in playing for contradance, pulling in genres from around the world, past and present, containing 25 original compositions (and 2 traditional tunes) and including contributions from several musical guests.

"Beautiful, haunting, innovative music in the hands of masters" - Sue Songer, co-author, The Portland Collection

"Virtuostic playing, lyrical melodies, mellifluous harmonies, intelligent weaving of styles..." - Mary Sherhart

"A joy to listen to, moving the heart as well as the feet" - Gary Whitehouse, Green Man Review

"Their new CD In from the Cold makes it obvious why KGB is such a thorn in the side of Homeland Security. They are unpredictable, they never saw a border they didn't want to cross, and their luggage is full of concepts of foreign origin. And even worse, they shamelessly continue to enjoy themselves, along with a growing number of friends. Where will it all lead?" - Dick Fiddler

Order the CD or the MP3s via CDbaby using this button: Buy Now

You can also order In from the Cold from Contracopia (more soundclips there, too) or from other places listed here.