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Volga Notions
Contradance music for the critical masses

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Contents and Soundclips

  1. Tiger Mountain Special (Dave Bartley) / The Last Straw (Rex Blazer)
  2. Oddville Cupola (Claude Ginsburg) / Paddy on a Bun (Dave Bartley) [LISTEN]
  3. Gasworks Park (Julie King) / Scatter the Mud / Ferris Eugene (Dave Bartley)
  4. Flight (Julie King)
  5. The Smoke Gets in Your Ears (Dave Bartley) / Iron Curtain Breakdown (Dave Bartley)
  6. Bear Creek (Julie King) / Jack Bartley's (Dave Bartley) / Jig of Slurs
  7. Frenchie's / Habanera (Sebastien Yradier)
  8. Wind in the Hills (Dave Bartley)
  9. Sligo Creek (Danny Noveck) / High Reel
  10. Volga Notions (Dave Bartley) / Craggy Dome (Dave Bartley) / The I-5 Corridor (Dave Bartley) / The Outback (Dave Bartley)
  11. The Empty Place (Dave Bartley) / Waltz for Anita Bartley (Dave Bartley)
KGB: volga notions "Volga Notions is a contradance music milepost; a number of KGB's originals go right to the heart, and you'll find yourself humming them after only a couple of listens. Prepare to float, twirl, bop, sway, swing, smile, marvel to, and cherish the rooted but forward-looking creativity, fun diversity of styles, and inspiring instrumental talent of Seattle's best contradance band!" - NEFFA News

KGB's 2nd recording, Volga Notions, is subtitled "Contradance Music for the Critical Masses," a 64 minutes sample of our dance repertoire from 1999, slanted towards the tunes we've written. It includes the bluesy jig Ferris Eugene, the gypsy-influenced Iron Curtain Breakdown, the hypnotic Oddville Cupola, high energy reels, and three delectable waltzes. It is available on CD and cassette.

Unlike Contra-intelligence, the music on this album is formatted for dancing or calling practice. Three tracks are waltzes, two are jig medleys, five are reel medleys, and one is a jig-to-reel medley.

Order the CD or the MP3s via CDbaby using this button: Buy Now

You can also order Volga Notions from Contracopia (more soundclips there, too) or from other places listed here.


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