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Captured live at the 2009 Seattle English Ball, with cellist Fred Nussbaum, 19 dances totaling over 113 minutes of music. Soundclips are available in the CD store below. Our newest recording, The Red Light of Evening, a collection of original waltzes, was released in December 2008. Soundclips are available in the CD store below.
In from the Cold coverOur third recording, In from the Cold takes tunes we wrote for dances and lets them loose with open tickets to wherever they want to go. It was released in October 2004. Soundclips are available in the CD store below. Volga Notions cover Our second recording, Volga Notions, is a collection of dance-length contra medleys and waltzes, predominantly our original tunes. It was released in November 1999. Soundclips are available in the CD store below.
Contra-intelligence cover We released our first recording, Contra-intelligence, in 1996, and on it we hint at the places we can go. Featuring our internet hit Call It a Night. Soundclips are available in the CD store below. Tune Dossier Vol 2 cover Tune Dossier cover Our tunebooks are OUT OF PRINT, but might be reprinted or published online, along with a third book containing 100+ newer tunes.

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