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The KGB Tune Dossier

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Tune Dossier cover

This book is out of print (sorry!). Contact us if you're looking for a specific tune from this book.

We published this, our first book of our original tunes, in the year 2000. It contains all of the original dance tunes from Contra-intelligence, Volga Notions and Contra and Blue, and many more reels, jigs, waltzes and other couple dances -- all written by Dave, Claude, or Julie. Some have been recorded subsequently by us on In from the Cold and The Red Light of Evening.

You may order the book by mail; see our recordings and books page for details.

Table of Contents

(CB) Recorded on Contra and Blue
(C) Recorded on Contra-intelligence
(V) Recorded on Volga Notions
(I) Recorded on In from the Cold
(R) Recorded on The Red Light of Evening


Couple Dances
Aggressive Driver Imaging (I)
Ash Heaps of Toutle (CB)
Avery Island Reel
Bear Creek (V)
Bethesda Beer and Chocolate
The Blatant Troll
The Boathouse
Boundary Camp
Broken Concrete (I)
The Chum Run
The Convertible
Craggy Dome (V)
Crimea River (C)
Dave's Dream
The Defenestration
The Excellent Initial Structure (I)
Ferris Eugene (V)
Free Radicals
Gasworks Park (V)
High Coolness Factor
Home Row
The I-5 Corridor (V)
Imponderal Reel
In the Shade of the Old Dumpster
Iron Curtain Breakdown (V)
Jack Bartley's Jig (V)
Leather Egg (C)
The MacPherson Strut
March of Ides (I)
Marching to Tukwila
Middle 8 Reel (I)
The Midnight Couchette
Moon Over Rexville
Morning Fog, Afternoon Sun
Moscow on the Fraser
Oddville Cupola (V)
On Copper Ridge
The Other Road to Durham (C)
The Outback (V)
Paddy on a Bun (V)
The Provocative Post
Reel 23
Reel o'Tricks
Refrain Reel (I)
The Scales of the Balconies (I)
The 64 dB Question
The Smoke Gets in Your Ears (V)
Still Red After All These Years
Tiger Mountain Special (V)
Trip to Sofia (C)
Tucumcari Polka
Vladi on the Trans-Siberian
Volga Notions (V)
The Wetland (I)
Call It a Night (C)
Cascade Skyline
Cerinthe (I)
The Clock Stopped (C)
The Empty Place (V)
Flathead Lake (R)
Flight (V)
For John Denyes
Hambo fran Bonsor (I)
Hambo fran Krone Kulle
Hambos of Mystery
The Haunted (I)
Just in Time Waltz
The Louise Polka
The Merry Waltz (C)
Pork Barrel Polka (C)
Rena's Waltz
A Schottische in the Dark
Six Sackpipas Peeping
Waiting for Snow (CB)
Waltz for Anita Bartley (V)
Waltzing at Sunset
Wind in the Hills (V)
Ya Tenes Treinta Años (CB)

The Inevitable List of Errata

Errors in all printings

  • In Ya Tenes Treinta Años, there is an extraneous repeat sign midway through the B section.
  • In Morning Fog, Afternoon Sun, the first note in the 5th measure of the B section should be a B natural.
  • In Trip to Sofia, the last measure of the B section should have an A chord. The last note, an A, should be an octave higher.
  • In Craggy Dome, there should be no repeat sign at the beginning of the B part.
  • In The Clock Stopped, the last measure should have a half note, not a dotted half note, since if you go back to the beginning there is a quarter note pickup.
  • In The Louise Polka, the C in the fourth measure of the G part should be a C natural.

Errors in the first printing

  • In The Merry Waltz, the D# in the last measure of the B part (the pickup to the E above high C in the C part) is an octave too low.
  • In The Boathouse, the E sharps in measures 1 and 5 of the A part should both be E naturals.
  • All but the initial chord for The Excellent Initial Structure are missing. They should go something like this:
A part |: Gm - | F - | Bb - | F Dm | Gm - | F - | Bb F | Dm Gm :|
B part |: Gm - | Eb F | Cm Gm | Cm Bb | Dm - | Bb F | Gm F | Dm Gm :|
  • The Midnight Couchette was not recorded on Volga Notions. Bag o'Tricks recorded it on their CD.
  • In the notes for Hambo fran Krone Kulle, literal is spelled "lteral."
  • The Inevitable List of Errata