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Red and All Red
Live at the Seattle ECD Ball

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  1. Juice of Barley
  2. Mad Robin
  3. Tourner à Trois (Paul Machlis © 1998 Sarena Music), for Turning by Threes
  4. Flowers of Edinburgh
  5. News from Tripoli
  6. Halsway Manor Jig (Liz Donaldson), for Halsway Manners
  7. Childgrove
  8. Courante (M. Praetorius). for Terpiscourante
  9. Sun Assembly
  10. Red and All Red (Thompson, 1757)
  11. Siciliano (G. P. Telemann)
  12. The Homecoming (Jonathan Jensen © 1997)
  13. Mon Amy (T. Susato)
  14. Richard's Reminder (Debbie Jackson © 1998), for Whately Barn
  15. St. Margaret's Hill
  16. Jack's Maggot
  17. Planxty Hewlett
  18. Key to the Cellar
  19. Jack's Health
Red and All Red cover In addition to our contra dance and couple dance personae, we have a third as an English Country Dance band with its own name, MI-5 (with credit to Mike Richardson for the idea). Under that name, we have played for several English Balls, including the 2009 Seattle Ball with cellist Fred Nussbaum. It was recorded live by Gerard Hranek (who also provided the cover photo), and we decided the performance was fine enough to share.

At 114 minutes run time, this is the equivalent of a double CD. To keep the cost accessible, we have decided to release the recording as a download only, rather than producing a two CD set. Available from CD Baby at $9.99 for the whole album, or 99 cents per track. Soon to be available at iTunes and other music sites.